Orthopaedic Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention, 2nd ed. 2008
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Orthopaedic Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention
Mark Dutton
ISBN-10: 0071474013
ISBN-13: 978-0071474016
McGraw-Hill Medical

This textbook offers a breadth and quality of coverage not previously available to therapists. Orthopaedic Examination, Evaluation, and Intervention provides students and practitioners with a valuable resource. This comprehensive, well-illustrated text offers you all the information necessary to provide a high level of care to patients. Both students and clinicians of any level can use this book as a resource for an accurate biomechanical assessment and specific treatment plan design. Case studies and review questions are included.



Headstart on Secondary Applications - The Student Doctor Network
Anonymous writes:
I am also a pre-med student and recently came across your blog...I think that you should apply ASAP!! Most people apply during the summer, I completed my application in mid-july and thought I was late compared to other pre-med students at my university. From what I know most students have completed their primary already and are filling out secondaries. A lot have even finished that already; I have many friends who have even had interviews and been accepted to MD schools recently! I know you probably want to check you application twice but it wont make you any good if schools get your application just before their deadline ! they will prob think you are a slacker! Also make sure that you enter all your info specially transcripts the right way because if AMCAS finds a mistake or something that does not look exactly like your official transcripts they will put your application on hold and that can really hurt you (this happened to my cousin last year). One last piece of advice, after you have submitted your primary application or even now, go to student online pharmacy network and look for the secondary application prompts for the schools you are applying to (here is the link):
that way you can start writing the secondary application essays the schools you have applied require. In this way when your application gets verified and you are bombarded with secondaries you will have all your essays ready and gain some of the time you have lost. Also, remember to have your letters of rec ready because schools wont considered you complete until they have your secondary application filled, MCAT scores, and letters..only then will they look at your application and invite you to an interview.
Hope I helped you and did not annoy you,
Just some advice :)"

Thanks. I'll be sure to check that out for secondary applications (if I'm even given the chance to submit any secondary applications).

Yes, I'm very late in sending applications and I've got a couple reasons for it. At lot has to do with my odd schedule (finishing my Bachelor's Degree on a Fall semester), having taken my MCAT last in the Summer, just a lot of uncertainty when it comes to being able to satisfy my graduation requirements, and of course, financial issues.

It's been a constant juggle for the past two semesters trying to get my timing right and figuring out when to do what. But it looks like it's *finally* the end.

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